Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder

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No More Tummy Aches & Vomiting For Your Cat!

Over 40% of cats suffer from cervical degenerative disc! A huge cause of this is due to the position cats are in whilst eating. Our Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder is 100% designed to help your cat get a healthy living!

It safeguards your kitties from the pains of vomiting which is proven to be destructive especially in their old age. It reduces strain on your cat’s joints, neck, hips, shoulders and most importantly it reduces the strain on esophagus by making swallowing easier!

Our Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Cat Bowl is a stylish, functional and is 100% designed with your cat’s well-being in mind! This safeguards your kitties from the pains of vomiting which is proven to be destructive especially in their old age.

Don’t worry if kitty licks the bowl all the way to the bottom! This feeder is made with safe and non-toxic high-quality environmental-friendly PVC, non-slip bottom design and not easily deformed.


No More Tummy Aches & Vomiting For Your Cat!

How Does It Work?

Frequently Asked Questions.

My cat is very sensitive, so I hope that the cat bowl raised is non-toxic and odorless, and can't have a pungent taste.

Our cat feeder is made out of PC material, non-toxic and tasteless which is safe and environmentally friendly. And the PC material is very easy to clean, so you don't have to spend too much time cleaning the cat food bowl.

My cat doesn't like eating at all.

 It is very likely to be a whisker fatigue. When a cat eats, if their beards touch the bowl, they will feel the pressure and will not want to eat. Our Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder has a base that have a certain height, so that the cat will not be tired when eating. Let the cat fall in love with eating through use our Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder

How do you take off the bowls for washing, please?

Thank you for your question. Our bowl and the shelf are separate. You can remove the bowl for cleaning. We recommend that you clean it with warm water not exceeding 50 ° C. This will prolong the service life of the bowl.

How are they packaged? Are they sent in a box for protection?

Yes they are sent in a strong box. Inside the box they were wrapped in bubble plastic. It fits so well in the box that there was no room for it to move around

Can the bowls be put into a dishwasher?

Our cat feeders are easy to clean and suitable for dishwasher. However, please do not heat in microwave or near high temperatures

Tony (Verified purchase) ✔️

"I've had this feeder for about 3 weeks. I have a 14 y/o kitty that would throw up 4 to 5 times a week right after eating. She has only thrown up 3 times since I got these bowls! Only time will tell, but so far they really do seem to be working great! Definitely worth it"

Ashley (Verified purchase) ✔️

"He isnt picky about food bowls so I didnt forsee having any issues.... which I didn't. I actually think he loves it already. He spent way more time at the food bowl than normal, so I think it was more comfortable for him (or he was starving lol). Its only been 24 hours, so I'll update in a month, but I would recommend it, its sturdy, easy to clean and super cute."

Nick (Verified purchase) ✔️

"I love these bowls. They are just right for my Persian cat who has a hard time eating from a regular bowl due to her very flat face. You can tilt the bowl however you want for easy access. I highly recommend!"

Shawn (Verified purchase) ✔️

"This product is a game changer.. my cat is a messy eater and his scraps would just go all over the place with his original bowls which aren’t elevated.. This product helped me make cleaning time easier"

Theresa (Verified purchase) ✔️

"Love the design. Great for cat's neck. My cat has no trouble eating or drinking with it."

Adrian (Verified purchase) ✔️

"Love the bowls off the floor- easier for the cats and no bugs can get to the food. Bought several for gifts."

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