4 Surprising Dangers Caused by Not Wearing Sunglasses

You might not believe in wearing sunglasses at times or you might even think that they do not matter. But, did you know that if you do not wear them while you are exposed to the sun, your eyes are at a major risk? Because the sun emits harmful UVA and UVB rays, so, it is important to wear quality and UV protected sunglasses to block the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and help maintain the optimal health of your eyes.

Let us see how UV rays from the sun impact your eyes when you are not wearing protective sunglasses.

  • 1. Cornea 

    Upon prolonged exposure to the sun, the cornea of your eyes becomes sunburned. The cornea is sensitive to the sun and may pave the way for development of cataracts.


    2. Retina

    The macula in retina is prone to sun’s damage and can lead to the problem of macular degeneration and may increase the chances of vision loss over time.


    3. Lens

    The Lens helps focus light to the retina for producing images. If you do not wear sunglasses, the sun’s damaging rays can lead to development of cataracts, which will in turn affect your long term ability to see clearly.


    4. Sclera

    Long term exposure can cause a tissue growth called pterygium on sclera, the white part of the eye and can also alter the curve of the eyeball, leading to astigmatism.


    Sunglasses are wonderful and must-have fashion accessories. But they were actually designed to protect your eyes from the dangerous effects of the sun’s UV rays. So, while you are buying shades, you must ensure that they are 100% UV protected. This can further give you a sharp and clean vision and keep your eyes healthy.

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